Bounding Box Patch

The Bounding Box patch plots the 3D coordinates of an invisible box around a 3D object, outputting the 3D coordinates of the 8 corners of the box:

This patch is used to add shadows to 3D objects through the simple shadow action. You could also use it for other kinds of effects, for example to identify when two objects collide and make something happen as a result.




Connect a patch representing the 3D object you want to add a bounding box to.



Point 1

Outputs the bottom, left, back 3D position of the box around the object. This is the minimum point.

Point 2

Outputs the bottom, left, front 3D position

Point 3

Outputs the bottom, right, front 3D position.

Point 4

Outputs the bottom, right, back 3D position.

Point 5

Outputs the top, right, back 3D position.

Point 6

Outputs the top, left, back 3D position.

Point 7

Outputs the top, left, front 3D position.

Point 8

Outputs the top, right, front 3D position. This is the maximum point.


In this example we've used the Bounding Box patch to attach 3D objects to the coordinates of an invisible box around a 3D object shaped like a heart:

To do this we connected each Bounding Box patch output to a patch representing the position of a 3D object shaped like a sphere. Here’s how the patch graph looks: