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Utility Patches Overview

Utility Patches Overview

Use Utility patches for a variety of functions, such as controlling outputs and transforming data types.

Available Utility Patches

Name Description
2D Transform Pack

Use with a Texture Transform patch to scale, rotate, pivot and reposition a 2D texture on a 2D or 3D object.

Camera Distance

Calculate the distance between the camera and an object in the scene.


Comment on one or more patches.


Count pulses to make something happen when each pulse is counted or when a specific number of pulses are counted.

Face Finder

Detect the faces of people using your effect.

Face Select

Select up to five faces detected by the Face Finder patch to use in the effect.

Matrix Pack

Pack multiple vector signals into a matrix.


Track the offset of a scalar signal.

Option Picker

Set up to five values for an object to take. This patch is often used with the Option Switch patch.

Option Sender

Use with a Counter patch or Option Switch patch to direct a signal to a specific output.

Option Switch

Output one of up to five values to the Option Sender patch. This is useful for when a value is one of several options that can be used in an effect.


Pack signals like vector signals isolated using the Unpack patch.

Plane Finder

Detect planes in a scene.

Plane Select

Select a plane detected by the Plane Finder patch to use in the effect.

Plane Tracker

Tracks a selected plane in world space and captures its position, scale and rotation.


Convert a boolean signal to a pulse or automatically send a pulse.


Use the Random patch to randomize the value produced by a pulse. The random number generated falls within a predefined range and includes decimal numbers.


Turn a boolean signal or pulse on and off.


Takes input values and outputs them in a different order or arrangement.


Unpack a vector signal to isolate a data stream from any input signal, such as the movement on the X, Y, and Z axes.

Insets Unpack

Turn insets into individual top, bottom, left and right values.


Output a value to another patch or to monitor the value of a patch in real time.

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