Blink Patch

Use the Blink patch to make something happen when the user blinks.




Track the user’s face from the face tracker.



Output the value to the next patch.


In the example below, an object appears when a blink is detected. The object disappears when a blink is detected again.

To make the object appear and disappear, we used the following graph:

We connected:

  1. The output on the Blink patch to the Flip input on the Switch patch.

  2. The On/Off output on the Switch patch to the Visible input on the object consumer patch.

When a blink is detected, a pulse is sent from the Blink patch to the Switch patch. Flip is turned on and the pulse is sent to the object consumer patch. A check appears to the right of Visible and the object appears on the user’s face.

When a blink is detected again, Flip turns off and the object is no longer Visible.

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