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Pitch Shifter Patch

Use the Pitch Shifter patch to make the pitch of an audio source in Spark AR Studio deeper or higher, for example to create cartoon style voice effects like a monster or chipmunk.



Connect the audio source you want to alter. For example, an audio clip, microphone or other audio source.

Semitone Adjustment

Pitch shift in musical semitones. A value of -12 halves the pitch, while 12 doubles the pitch. A value of 0 will not change the pitch of the audio source. You can also output microtonal values (fractions of semitones) with decimals.


Removes the sound effect from the audio source.



Connect to a speaker, an audio effect or another patch that has an audio input.

Example - high pitched voice effect

In this example we've used the Pitch Shifter patch to change the pitch of sound detected by the Microphone, creating a high-pitched sound effect.

This is what the audio effect sounds like.

In the Patch Editor, a patch representing the Microphone scene object is connected to the Audio port in the Pitch Shifter patch. The output of the Pitch Shifter is then connected to the input of a patch representing the Audio property of a speaker:

Editing the values

To create the high-pitched sound effect, we changed:

  • Semi to 4. This value refers to 'semitones', which change the pitch of the sound. Setting Semi to a negative number makes the pitch lower, while a positive numbers make the pitch higher. Setting Semi to 4 is somewhere in the middle, creating a sound a bit like a cartoon chipmunk.
  • Bypass to OFF. Bypass turns the distortion effect on or off. When the box is unchecked, the distortion effect is turned on.
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