Filter Patch

The parametric filter has one band, and can be used to attenuate a range of frequencies.



Connect the audio source you want to alter. For example, an audio clip, microphone or other audio source.


Determines the shape of the band. Low Pass, High Pass, and Band Pass can be used respectively to attenuate high or low frequencies, or both.


The specific region of the frequency spectrum that will be affected by the parameters. Value range: 0 to 20,000 Hz. This frequency is the knee frequency for shelving bands, and the center frequency for the pass band.


The bandwidth of frequencies controlled by the other parameters. The lower the Quality, the broader the bandwidth of frequencies cut or boosted. Value range: 0 to 100.

VT Ratio

The modulator timbre (formants, not musical pitch) can be shifted up or down, resulting in monster/chipmunk sound in case of speech.


The effect of the Filter on the band. The ratio of the amplitude cut or boost of the targeted frequency range. Value range: -30 to 30 dB.


Disables this processor while still allowing unprocessed audio signals to pass.