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Energy Meter Patch (Next Gen)

Energy Meter Patch (Next Gen)

This patch outputs a numerical value between 0-1 that corresponds to the signal power (loudness) of an audio input. You can use this output signal to drive something in your effect, like an animation.

The Energy Meter (Next Gen) is a more flexible and customizable version of the Energy Meter patch. For example, you can set the dynamic range and minimum and maximum frequencies that you want to output.



Connect an audio source here, for example a patch representing an audio clip or the microphone.

Energy Floor

Minimum energy of a band to output anything.

Dynamic range (dB)

Total range of energy the analyzer will analyze

Min Frequency (Hz)

Minimum frequency for lowest band.

Max Frequency (Hz)

Max frequency for highest band.


Disables this processor.



The signal power estimated for the audio (range from 0 -1).


Raw RMS Energy.


In the example above, the green rectangle is animated in time with a drum loop sound, responding to volume changes recognised by the Energy Meter (Next Gen) patch. We achieved this effect with the patch graph below:

Follow this tutorial to expand on the above example, using the basic Energy Meter patch.

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