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Loop Animation Patch

Use the Loop Animation patch to drive animations that play on a loop.

To drive animations that play once without repeating on a loop, use the Animation patch.




If you want a trigger to play the animation, connect the patch triggering the animation to this patch.

For example, if you want a screen tap to trigger the animation, connect a Screen Tap patch to this patch.


Enter the number of the animation speed in seconds, with 1 second representing the default speed.

To slow down the animation, enter a number above 1, with 10,000 representing the slowest speed. To speed up the animation, enter a number below 1, with 0.001 representing the fastest speed.


If you want the effect to reset when the animation finishes, connect an Interaction patch or logic to this input.




Connect to an Animation Player patch, Frame Transition patch, or Transition patch.


Depending on how you connect this output, you can make something happen when a loop completes like playing an audio file or showing a message.


To play the animation forwards then backwards in a loop, enable Mirrored.


In the example below, we can see an animation playing on a loop.

We made this animation loop using the graph below:

We connected the Progress output on the Loop Animation patch to the Progress input on the Frame Transition patch.

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