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Frame Transition Patch

Frame Transition Patch

Use the Frame Transition patch to control the frames in an animation sequence.




This input displays the progress of the animation in real time, with 0 representing the initial state and 1 representing the complete state.

Connect this input to an Animation patch or Loop Animation patch.



Enter the number of frames in the animation sequence.

First Frame

Enter the number of the first frame in the sequence.

The starting value is 0. So, if you enter 2 in a three-frame sequence, the order each frame appears in will be 2, 0, 1, with 0 representing the first frame in the sequence.




Connect to the Current Frame patch.

To add a Current Frame patch, in the Inspector for the animation sequence, click the arrow to the left of Current Frame.


In the example below, we can see an animation sequence controlled by a Frame Transition patch.

We controlled this animation using the graph below:

We connected:

  1. The Progress output on the Loop Animation patch to the Progress input on the Frame Transition patch. This makes the animation loop.

  2. The Value output on the Frame Transition patch to the Current Frame input on the animation sequence patch.

Because there are 10 frames in this animation sequence, we set Frames in the Frame Transition patch to 10.

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