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Animation Player Patch

Animation Player Patch

Use the Animation Player patch to drive more than one animation in a procedural animation.



Animation Asset

Connect to the animation asset patch.

To create the animation asset patch, from the Assets panel, drag the animation asset to the Patch Editor.


Connect to an Animation patch or a Loop Animation patch.




Connect to the animation patch for an object or an Option Picker patch.

To add an animation patch for an object, in the Inspector for the animation asset, click the arrow to the left of Animation.


In the example below, the Animation Player patch is driving a procedural animation.

We drove this animation using the graph below:

We connected:

  1. The animation asset output to the Animation Asset input on the Animation Player patch.

  2. The Progress output on the Loop Animation patch to the Progress input on the Animation Player patch. This makes the animation loop.

  3. The Animation output on the Animation Player patch to the Animation input on the animation consumer patch.

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