Project and Workflow Management

Unless you start AR Studio by opening a .fbfxproj file, a new project will be set up for you when you start the program.

If you're already using AR Studio, click File in the top left of your screen and then select New.

You can edit or enable various properties for your project, such as:

  • Multiple faces
  • Device motion
  • Export settings.

To do this, click Project in the navigation bar and then select Edit Properties.

To save your project:

  1. Click File in the navigation bar and then select either Save or Save As...
  2. Enter a title, location and tags, if required
  3. Click Save

To help with your workflow, we've included some keyboard shortcuts.

In the Navigator and Inspector panels:

  • Command - z undoes your last action
  • Command - 1 or 2 switches between the Scene and Layers tabs
  • Command - click deselects objects in the Navigator
  • Command - 0 shows or hides the Navigator
  • Command - Alt - 0 does the same with the Inspector
  • Command - C copies and Command - V pastes
  • Alt, when inserting an object via the Insert menu, inserts the object as a child of the object selected in the Scene tab

In the Viewport:

  • Command - click and drag rotates
  • Alt - click and drag pans
  • A two-finger click and drag up and down zooms

In the Simulator Window:

  • 1, 2, 3 or 4 will rotate the camera by 90 degree intervals and will reset the X rotation
  • Holding down Shift will lock the orbit to a single axis, either X or Y.