The PersonSegmentationModule class enables the separation of a person from a scene.


// The following example demonstrates how to enable and disable segementation
// when detecting a person in the camera view as well as changing the opacity of
// a material depending on how close the person is to the camera.
// Project setup:
// - Follow the segmentation steps here (

// Load in the required modules
const Materials = require('Materials');
const PersonSegmentation = require('PersonSegmentation');
const Scene = require('Scene');

// Locate the rectangle and material in the Scene and Assets
const rectangle = Scene.root.find('rectangle0');
const rectangleMaterial = Materials.get('defaultMaterial0');

// Bind the foregroundPercent scalar signal to the opacity of the material
rectangleMaterial.opacity = PersonSegmentation.foregroundPercent;

// Bind the inverse of the hasForeground boolean signal to the hidden property
// of the rectangle
rectangle.hidden = PersonSegmentation.hasForeground.not();




(get) foregroundPercent: ScalarSignal (set) (Not Available)

Represents the percentage of screen space occupied by a person/people.


(get) hasForeground: BoolSignal (set) (Not Available)

Represents whether there is anybody in the scene (TRUE/FALSE), based on whether the percentage of foreground is larger than a threshold.


(get) (Not Available) (set) isEnabled: BoolSignal

Specifies whether the segmentation should be enabled. Default value is 'true'.


This module exposes no methods.


This module exposes no classes.