In Spark AR Studio, a plane is a flat 3D object that can be positioned at any depth within the scene.

Because the plane is a 3D object, you can use the manipulators to change its position, scale and rotation.

You could use a plane to place a 2D image or texture into 3D space.

Learn about:

  1. Adding planes to your scene.
  2. Editing a plane's properties.
  3. Creating a patch to represent the plane in the Patch Editor.

Adding a plane to your scene

To add a plane:

  1. Click Add Object.
  2. Select Plane.

You'll see a square shape in the center of the Viewport:

Editing a plane's properties

When you select a plane in the Scene panel, you'll be able to see and make changes to its properties in the Inspector.


Click the dropdown next to Layer to adjust which layer the plane is assigned to.


Uncheck this box to stop the plane and any children from being rendered in the scene.


Edit the position, scale and rotation of the plane.


Create or apply a material to the plane.


Insert simple combinations of patches involving the plane into the Patch Editor, like touch gestures.

Enable For

Choose the camera or cameras on a mobile device in which you want to render the plane.

Creating a patch


  • Drag the plane from the Scene panel, into the Patch Editor - this will create a patch to represent the plane.
  • Click Create under Interactions in the Inspector. Select Producer Patch to create a producer patch representing the plane, or Object Tap to create a patch that will detect when the plane in the scene is tapped by the user.