World Effects
Introduction to World Effects

Introduction to World Effects

Three world AR effects shown on smartphone screens.

In Spark AR Studio, you can create AR effects that transform someone's environment when they're looking through the back camera of a mobile device.

One way of doing this is by moving an object from camera space, into world space. If an object is in world space, you can set it to be in a fixed location in someone's environment. Only mobile devices with a gyroscopes can use effects in world space.

Another way of creating a world effect is with the plane tracker.

The difference between camera space and world space

By default, all objects are added to the scene as children of the Camera in the Scene panel. This means they're in camera space, and will move with the movement of the device.

To see camera space, select the Camera in the Scene panel. This will highlight 2 rectangles in the Viewport in blue:

  • The smaller rectangle represents the mobile device.
  • The larger rectangle represents what's in view of the camera.

In the example below, the heart is in camera space.

A green, 3D heart, shown in camera space.

When an object is no longer a child of the Camera, it's in what's known as world space. This means the object can be placed in a fixed location in someone's environment.

Moving an object into world space

To move objects out of camera space and into world space, all you need to do is:

  1. Select the object.
  2. Drag it to the bottom of the Scene panel.

This will position the object at 0 along the X, Y and Z axes.

We've done this in the example below:

A green, 3D heart, shown in world space.

Positioning an object in world space

Use the Manipulators at the top of the Viewport or edit the Transformations of an object in the Inspector to experiment with its position, rotation and scale.

Previewing objects in world space

Use the Simulator to simulate the movement of the device, to get an idea of how your world effect looks.

Or, preview your effect on a device using the Spark AR Player app.

Removing device motion capability

When you move an object into world space, Device Motion Capability will be added. Leaving it in place will limit the mobile devices your effect can work on, so it's a good idea to remove it if you've decided to make an effect in camera space instead.

If you move that object back to camera space or delete it, you'll need to remove the capability:

  1. Go to Project in the Menu bar and select Edit Properties.
  2. Select Capabilities then Device Motion.
  3. Click -.
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