Textures and Materials
The Retouching Material

The Retouching Material

The properties panel of a retouching material.

You can add a retouching effect to either the face or the whole scene, using a material in Spark AR Studio.

Adding retouching

First add a face mesh. It'll automatically be added as a child of the face tracker. To do this:

  • Click Add Object.
  • Select Face Mesh.
A face mesh has been added to the scene. It can be seen as a checkerboard pattern over the user's face in both the Simulator and Viewport.

Next, create a material for the face mesh:

  1. Go to the Inspector.
  2. Click + to the right of Materials.

The material will now be listed as material0 in the Assets panel. Select material0 and then in the Inspector:

  1. Change the Shader Type to Retouching.
  2. To only apply retouching to the face, clear the box to the right of Full Screen.
  3. Adjust the slider to the right of Skin Smoothing, to make the effect stronger or weaker.

Below, we've adjusted the Skin Smoothing effect to 100%:

The skin smoothing property of the retouching material has been set to 100.


Full Screen

Select this box to apply a smoothing effect to the whole scene.

Skin Smoothing

Adjust the slider to make the smoothing effect stronger or more subtle.

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