Textures and Materials
The Face Paint Material

The Face Paint Material

A blue face piant design being applied to a user, as seen in the Viewport and Simulator.

Use the a face paint material to create a mask effect that shows the skin and features of the person using the effect - behind either a custom texture or a color.

For example, you can use this material to create a tattoo or makeup effect.

Creating a face paint material

To create a face paint material:

  1. Select the material in the Assets panel - the material should be applied to a face mesh.
  2. Set the Shader Type to Face Paint in the Inspector panel.

Making a mask effect

First create a face mesh:

  1. Click Add to Scene.
  2. Select Face Mesh.

You'll see a face shape in the Viewport:

A checkerboard face mesh has been applied to the user's face. You can also see it as an item in the Scene panel.

With the face mesh selected in the Scene panel, go over to the Inspector.

  1. Click + next to Material, to create a material for the face mesh.
  2. Select the material you just created in the Assets panel.
  3. In the Inspector, change the Shader Type to Face Paint.

You can then either add a texture or color to the material by selecting an option from the dropdown next to Type:

Selecting between applying a color or a texture in the face mesh properties.

Importing a texture

If you've selected Texture, choose the texture file you want to add from the menu or import a new one.

Once you've added the texture, you should see it on the face in the Viewport and Simulator:

The selected texture has replaced the checkerboard pattern that was previously on the face mesh.

Adding a color

If you've selected Color, simply add a color from the palette:

This time, the checkerboard pattern has been replaced with a color chosen from the palette.



  • Texture - Choose the texture file you want to add from the menu or import a new one.
  • Color- Add a color from the palette.

Tiling Options


Scale the textures you've applied to your material.


Shift the origin of your textures.

Render Options and Advanced Render Options

Edit these properties to control how the material renders in the scene.

Used By

The object this material is applied to.