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Moving Objects with the Face Tracker

Moving Objects With the Face Tracker

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You can use the Patch Editor to bind the movement of a scene object to a face tracker, so the object moves with the face.

Moving objects

To try this out:

  1. Add a face tracker to your project.
  2. Drag the face tracker into the Patch Editor to create a patch.
  3. Select an object in the Scene panel.
  4. In the Inspector, click the arrow next to Rotation to create a patch.

Connect the Rotation port on the face tracker patch to the input port in the patch representing the object’s Rotation property.

Here’s how the graph will look:

Whenever your head moves, the object should move with it:

You could use the 3D Position port in the face tracker patch instead. Connect it to a patch representing the Position property of an object, to change it’s position without rotating the object.

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