Mirroring to Spark AR Desktop Player

Previewing in Spark AR Desktop Player

Spark AR Desktop Player for Mac and Windows allows you to preview Spark AR projects on your desktop and other external screens, so you can open multiple effect files on multiple windows.

Files you can open

You can open both arproj and .arexport files.

Previewing effects

To preview an effect on Spark AR Desktop Player:

  1. Download and open Spark Desktop Player. Make sure you’ve enabled permissions for Spark Desktop Player to use the camera on your computer. If the screen is still blank, click the camera icon in Desktop Player to manually enable access.
  2. In the Welcome Window, click Open or Recent Projects to open a project you’ve already previewed in the player.
  3. Select a project from your computer.

The project will then open:

A Spark AR project showing a purple hair effect open in Spark AR Desktop Player

In Spark Desktop player, you can use the symbols in the toolbar to:

  • Change the video.
  • Pause the video.
  • Restart the effect.
  • Enable grid view (this symbol only visible for video calling-enabled projects).

Grid view

Grid view is helpful for previewing effects designed to run on a video call with multiple participants. Grid view is only visible when previewing effects configured for a video calling experience.

To simulate this environment:

  1. In the toolbar select the grid symbol.
  2. Use the dropdown to set the number of participants in your calll.

video call simulation with 4 participants wearing a blue bowtie AR effect

To simulate a participant leaving a call:

  1. Click the hamburger menu to the right of the participant.
  2. Select End call for participant.

video call simulation with 4 participants wearing a blue bowtie AR effect and end call option selected

To simulate a participant rejoining a call, select Rejoin to the right of the Participant’s number.

Learn more about testing and debugging multipeer effects, which allow effects running on a video call to communicate with each other.

Simulating touch gestures

You can simulate someone’s touch on the device screen by clicking anywhere in the player. To simulate two fingers rotating or pinching the screen:

  1. On MacOS, hold Option, click and drag.
  2. On Windows, hold Alt, click and drag.

Opening a different project

To open a different project:

  1. Click File.
  2. Select either Open… to open a project from your computer, or Open Recent to open a project you’ve already previewed in Spark AR Desktop Player.
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