Updating Undeliverable Effects

Updating Effects Made in Older Versions of Spark AR Studio

A woman using an AR effect. The effect has made her eyes glow.

You can choose to update an effect at any time, but sometimes we will ask you to update older effects to make sure they keep working.

Effects will work for at least six months after your version of Spark AR Studio was released. For example, if you make an effect using a version of Spark AR Studio that was released on 1 January, the effect will work on all devices until at least 1 July.

After this time, effects might no longer be compatible with the latest versions of Instagram and Facebook, and people might not be able to find or use them.

When an effect needs to be updated, you’ll get an email or notification on Facebook. You’ll also see a warning in Spark AR Hub.

Automatically updating your old effects

For some effects, Spark AR can automatically generate a new version of your effect. Automatically generated updates do not need to be reviewed by Spark AR and can be published directly from Spark AR Hub.

If there is an automatic update available, you’ll be able to approve the update from the effect’s Files tab.

Alternatively, you can download the automatically generated file and make manual updates to it in Spark AR Studio. Effects that have been manually updated will need to be exported, submitted and reviewed as detailed below.

Manually updating your old effects

First, update to the most recent version of Spark AR Studio. Once you are updated:

  1. Open the effect.
  2. Make sure the effect works as you expect.
  3. Save the effect.

The effect will now be updated. Next, you’ll need to export it and submit it to Spark AR Hub.

If your effect was last saved in Spark AR Studio v55 or earlier (early 2019)

The most recent versions of Spark AR Studio are available on both macOS and Windows. These new versions are different from the early, macOS-only releases. This means you’ll need to follow some extra steps to update effects made in v55 or earlier.

To update an older effect:

  1. Open the effect in a macOS-only version of Spark AR Studio that’s v56 or later. You can download one here under Older versions of Spark AR Studio (macOS-only version).
  2. Make sure the effect works as you expect.
  3. Save the effect.
  4. Open the effect in the most recent version of Spark AR Studio.
  5. Save the effect again.

Exporting and submitting manually updated effects

After you’ve manually updated an effect, you’ll need to submit the new version for review in Spark AR Hub.

To submit the updated effect:

  1. in the sidebar, click Effects.
  2. Click on the name of the effect you want to update.
  3. In the top right corner, click Update.
  4. Under File, click Replace and select your new effect file.
  5. When you’re ready to submit your changes, in the top-right corner, click Submit.

We'll review the updated effect to make sure it still follows Spark AR content policies. You won't be able to edit the effect during this time. The previous version of your effect will still be available in the camera until the new version is accepted.

Please note that Spark AR Policies may have changed since you first published the effect.

Read our policies or find out more about updating published effects.

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