Updating Spark AR Studio

Updating Spark AR Studio

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We release a new version of Spark AR Studio every other week. Read the changelog to find out what's new.

You can still install and use multiple versions of Spark AR Studio on the same machine — for example if you’re targeting an older Engine SDK or don’t want to update a project to a newer version.

Installing multiple versions of Spark AR Studio

Only one version of the app can run at a time.

On Windows

If an older version is detected on your machine, you’ll be asked whether you want to keep previous versions of Spark AR Studio during the installation process. If you agree to keep previous versions, the new version will be installed separately. You’ll be able to access all versions through the main menu.

On Mac machines

You can either start Spark AR Studio directly from app bundle or copy the bundle into Applications folder and access multiple app versions from there.

When to use the latest version of Spark AR Studio

If you want to publish a new effect or update an existing effect make sure the new or updated effect was created in the latest version of Spark AR Studio. Download the latest version.

There's no guarantee that an effect will continue to work after the first six months following the release of the Spark AR Studio version used to create the effect.

For example, If you created an effect in v112 of Spark AR Studio, released on April 12 2021, your effect will be supported until October 12, 2021, regardless of when you publish the effect.

Learn more about updating effects made in older versions of Spark AR Studio.

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