Effect Size Limits

File Size Limits for Spark AR Studio Effects

The size limits for the files exported from Spark AR Studio to Spark AR Hub make sure your effects perform well across different devices.

There are different size limits depending on which platform you make your effect available on.

The .arfx file size for effects available on:

  • Instagram should be 4 MB or less on both iOS, Android and Older Android.
  • Facebook should be under 2 MB for the best reach, but they can be up to 10 MB.
  • Facebook Ads should be under 5 MB.

The .arexport file is the file that you upload to Spark AR Hub when you publish your effect and it contains the file that make your effect available on each platform. It must always be 40 MB or smaller regardless of the platform.

Checking file size

You'll need to check your effect’s file size across all 3 device types: iOS, Android and Older Android.

To do this, open your effect in Spark AR Studio and click the Publish icon in the toolbar:

Under File Size, if you see the message File sizes meet requirements, your effect is the correct size for all device types and you can upload it to Spark AR Hub.

In this window, you'll also see:

  • A column labeled File Size. This is the size of the .arfx file that contains everything a user needs to play your effect on their device.
  • A tick or cross in the Facebook and Instagram columns to indicate whether it’s the correct size for either platform.

If your file size is too big

If you see a cross next to the platform you want to make your effect available on, you’ll need to make the file size smaller. There are lots of ways to reduce the file size, from removing unused assets to optimizing objects in your scene.

Removing unused assets

To find and remove unused assets, click View Asset Summary and then the Review Unused Asset button. Learn more about the Asset Summary.

The .areexport file

The .arexport file is the file that you upload to Spark AR Hub when you publish your effect. It must be 40 MB or smaller.

You can check the .arexport file size before uploading it in Spark AR Hub by exporting it to your computer first. Another way to check the file size is by trying to preview your effect in Spark AR Player. If it’s above 40 MB, you won’t be able to test it.

The .arexport file contains:

  • The three .arfx files that make sure your effect works across three device types.
  • The .arprojpkg file. This is the Spark AR Studio project with all the assets you’ve added, zipped into a single file. The addition of this file means the .areexport file size is generally bigger than the combined total of each .arfx file version of the effect you’ll have seen when you exported your project.

Improving performance

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