The Asset Summary

The Asset Summary shows all the assets in your project, including those that aren’t being used in the effect. It’s an easy way to see which assets are impacting performance the most, and find any that aren’t being used.

Opening the Asset Summary

To see the Asset Summary:

  1. Select View in the Menu bar.
  2. Click Show/Hide Asset Summary.

What the Asset Summary shows

The Asset Summary shows all assets included in your project, with their sizes for each device type.

You'll see both downloaded and unpacked bundles for each device type:

  • Unpacked bundles are the unpacked files, ready to be displayed.
  • Downloaded bundles are the zipped up files that get downloaded to a device.

Removing unused assets

If there are unused assets in your project, you’ll see the Review Unused Assets button:

Click this button to see and remove unused assets. If you delete a collection of assets, the folder containing the collection will be removed too. In the example above, deleting anchor and Heart would remove the 3D Objects folder.

If assets are referenced in a script, they won't be shown in the Asset Summary.

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