The Camera
The Camera
Automatic Instructions

Automatic Instructions

In the inspector, you can see that custom instructions have been selected.

Automatic instructions help people use your effects. For example, if an effect includes a face tracker but the camera isn't pointed at a face, the instruction 'Find a face' will appear at the bottom of the user's device screen.

You can also add custom instructions — there are lots to choose from.

All instructions are automatically translated into the right language when they appear on the user's device screen.

Features with automatic instructions

Meta Spark Studio has automatic instructions for:

  • The face tracker.
  • The hand tracker, Hand Finder of Hand Select patches.
  • The Body Bounding Box, Body Finder or Body Select patches.
  • The target tracker.

The following instructions will show until a face, hand, body or real-life target is detected, and appear again if they disappear:

  • Find a face
  • Hold up a hand
  • Stand in View/Find a Friend
  • Find an image

Turning off automatic instructions

When creating people and target tracking effects, avoid adding custom instructions for an interaction that already has automatic instructions.

To turn automatic instructions off:

  • Click the gear icon in the toolbar.
  • Select Change Project Properties.
  • Select Capabilities, and expand the Instructions dropdown.
  • Unselect the box to the right of Automatic Instructions
  • Click Done.