The Speaker

The Speaker

The speaker is an object in Spark AR Studio that renders sound in your effect. You can add multiple speakers to a project to render different audio clips.

Adding a speaker

To add a speaker:

  1. Click + in the Assets panel.
  2. Select the Speaker from the menu.
A Speaker object is being added to the Scene panel.

It’ll be listed in the Scene panel as speaker0.

Connecting an audio clip to the speaker

Once you’ve added an audio file to your project, connect it to the Audio property of the speaker. Any audio input can be connected here.

Use either an asset called the audio playback controller or patches, depending on the effect you want to achieve:

Speaker - properties

When a speaker is selected in the Scene panel, you'll see its properties in the Inspector:

The Speaker object's properties are shown in the Inspector.


Assign the speaker to a layer.


If you disable this setting, the audio output from the speaker will be muted.


Add an audio playback controller or select Microphone. You can also create a patch to represent this property and connect it to other audio patches to build more complex effects.


Adjust the volume level of the sound in the scene.


Edit the position of the audio source in your scene.

Enable For

Choose the camera or cameras on a mobile device for which the audio should play.

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