Trimming Animations

Trimming Animations

A small bird can be seen flying around in both the Viewport and Inspector.

If you've added a 3D object with an animation, you can use the Trim feature to define new start and end points for your animation.

Trimming animations

The animation needs to be assigned to an animation playback controller and an object in the scene. Find out more about creating animation playback controllers and assigning animations to them. Once you’ve set this up:

  1. In the Assets panel, select the animation playback controller.
  2. In the Inspector, under Trim, drag the pink progress indicator to see how the model’s animation changes frame to frame in the Simulator. This helps you to decide where you want to set your start and end positions.
  3. Drag the blue handles to set new start and end points for your animation.

Start and end points being selected on a slider.

Your animation is trimmed in real time. You don’t need to confirm or save the new setting. You can reset the animation length by dragging the blue handles back to their original start and end positions.

Creating multiple clips from the same animation

Knowing how to trim animations is especially useful if you want to isolate certain motions (such as run, jump, crawl) contained within one animation clip and turn them into separate animations.

For example, to create three different animations from one clip:

  1. Add three animation playback controllers to your project.
  2. Connect each animation playback controller to the full-length animation clip.
  3. Select each animation playback controller one at a time and trim each animation individually in the Inspector.

This will create three different animations. It’s a good idea to rename your animation playback controllers to reflect the new motions they control:

Three animation playback controllers are shown in the Assets panel.

Choosing and switching between trimmed animations

You can choose which animation to assign to your object. In the example below we chose flight:

A small bird can be seen flying around in both the Viewport and Inspector.

You can also switch between each animation clip in response to user interactions such as a tap or swipe on the screen. Learn how to switch between two or more animation clips.