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Simple Shadows

Simple Shadows

Use the simple shadows action to add a shadow to a 3D object. It’s a good idea to add simple shadows to 3D objects in world effects, to make objects look more realistic.

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Adding a simple shadow

To add a simple shadow to a 3D object:

  1. Select the 3D object in the Scene panel.
  2. In the Inspector, select Actions.
  3. Select Add Simple Shadow.

In the Viewport and Simulator a shadow will be visible under the object.

By default the size of the shadow will reflect the size of the object.

How the shadow is created

When a shadow is added, a block is added to the Assets panel and instantiated in the scene. In the Scene panel it’s a child of the 3D object you’ve added the simple shadow for. It’s labeled Shadow - [3D object].

The block is made of objects and settings that render, position and size the shadow in relation to the object. It contains:

  1. A plane with a material applied, creates the appearance of a shadow.
  2. A patch graph, which uses the Bounding Box patch to control the size of the shadow in relation to the object.

Editing the shadow

To edit the shadow, adjust the properties of the block in the Inspector.


Adjust the Position, Scale and Rotation values to position, resize and rotate the shadow.

Enable for

Set which cameras the shadow is visible in, and whether it’s visible during preview, capture or both.


Min Position and Max Position

Patches representing these properties are connected to the Bounding Box patch in the Patch Editor. As a result the shadow never appears too small or too big for the object.


Change the color of the shadow.


Change how transparent or opaque the shadow appears.


How hard or soft the edge of the shadow appears. When the value is bigger, the edges will be softer.


Make the shadow into a square shape.

Y Position

Change the vertical position of the shadow.

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