2D Objects
Editing 2D Objects in the Viewport

Editing 2D Objects in the Viewport

A screenshot of Spark AR Studio, showing a green 2D square has been added to the project. It can be seen in both the simulator and the viewport.

You can use options in the Viewport to position, rotate and resize 2D objects.

Objects will ‘snap’ into positions with even spacing in relation to their parent object and other objects in the scene. This can help with achieving symmetry and consistency in your designs.

If you have precise positions in mind for 2D objects, or want to fill the width or height of the device screen, you can edit the properties of the 2D object in the Inspector instead.

Switching on 2D editing

By default, Spark AR Studio allows you to edit 3D objects using the manipulators at the top of the viewport. To switch to 2D, click the 2D icon in the top right corner:

The 2D and 3D switcher.

You can now edit 2D objects in the Viewport:

A screenshot from Spark AR Studio showing a green quare being resized from within the Viewport.

A ruler along the left and top of the Viewport shows the measurement of the device screen in pixels. Blue highlights show where the 2D element is, giving you an idea of its size and position.

Positioning, rotating and resizing objects


  • Position an object, select and drag it.
  • Resize an object, select and drag an edge of the object.
  • Rotate an object, hover the cursor over the corner and drag the object.
A green square being resized from within the viewport.

Snapping objects into position

Objects will ‘snap’ into certain positions depending on the distance between the object you’re positioning and other 2D objects in the scene. You’ll see red lines and highlights appear to indicate where objects can be ‘snapped’

Below, snapping has positioned 3 2D squares with equal spaces between them:

2D objects are shown snapping into place while moving them around the viewport.

Objects will also snap into positions in the center and at the edge of the parent object:

2D objects are shown snapping into place while moving them around the middle of the viewport.

Measurements between objects and their parent

When a 2D object is selected, you can press the ALT/Option key to show the measurement between it and the parent object in blue.