Dynamic Text

Use dynamic text to create personalized effects that show text specific to someone's situation. For example, their location or the date.

You can add both 2D and 3D dynamic text to your effects.

We've added dynamic text to a project in this tutorial.

Add text to your scene

Start by adding text to your scene:

  1. Click Add Object.
  2. Select either 2D Text or 3D Text from the menu.

Adding dynamic text

Go over to the Inspector - you'll see an option for Dynamic Text, under Typography:

Click Insert next to Dynamic Text.

You'll see a list of options. For example, Current City, Current Airport and Day of the Week:

Each of these options represents a different type of personalized text that can be added to your effect. Choose the options you want. The text will be added to your scene.

When you're building an effect with dynamic text in Spark AR Studio, you'll see default values for the text you've added. For example, the Current City will always show as London. This is because Spark AR Studio doesn't have access to that data through your computer.

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