If you can imagine it, you can make it

Bring your biggest AR ideas to life, no matter your level of expertise. Get Spark AR Studio and unlock a whole new world of possibilities.

Create AR effects easily

Anyone can be a creator. Whether you’re a professional or have a limited tech background, Spark AR Studio gives you what you need to start creating.

An example of AR Studio Patch Editor from Facebook for Developers

Build with or without code

Use the Patch Editor to easily add interactivity, animate objects and create logic in your effects. You can even make textures and materials to use in your scene.

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Import objects and sounds

Add your own sound files and 3D objects, browse Facebook’s free library of assets or import high-fidelity models through our partnership with Sketchfab.

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An example of Instagram effects metrics

Publish effects to Instagram

Spark AR Hub helps you publish, manage and understand your AR effect performance across Facebook and Instagram.

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Create people effects

Take self-expression to a whole new level. Create responsive AR experiences that go beyond face masks and filters. Because standard selfies just don’t cut it.

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Make a face

Create head-turning experiences by using best-in-class face tracking to produce more accurate interactions and realistic effects.

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Sync effects with movement

Overlay your subjects’ hand and body movements, and use touch gestures that let users manipulate and interact with what they see.

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Spark AR Studio effects

Create world effects

Make a scene, then take it anywhere. Add virtual objects to surroundings, or transport your subjects to new environments altogether.

Connect effects with objects and places

Put your content into real-world context. Use the plane tracker to track surfaces, recognize objects and understand location.

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Transport people to new places

Use background segmentation to separate people from their backgrounds, creating experiences that take them to new places.

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